Wednesday, 27 July 2011

How to conquer a country with not a shot fired


If you want to own someone, put them in your debt. Enslave them. Own their labour and you own them.

In a week where a mad man went on the rampage at what he saw was an ever encroaching threat to his way of life, I am simply stunned to read this quote from Wolfgang Schäuble, the German Finance Minister

“A state with problems, that receives help, must be willing to give some of its sovereign rights to the EU.”
Already, the citizens of Portugal, Ireland and Greece are beholden to external, unelected powers in the form of bankers and the European Central Bank. They MUST form political policies as dictated by the holders of their debt or face ruin. And now, the Minister of the country currently robbing its own citizens to buy up the debt of other countries is indicating that yet more power should be ceded to the creature that created the mess in the first place. The EU.

What couldn't be achieved through war, will be achieved through debt slavery. Not hyperbole. Not scaremongering. But part of the "plan" for European Union.

Yesterday, Anders Breviek stated through his lawyer that in 60 years time, the people would thank him. I really, really hope he isn't correct.

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