Friday, 1 July 2011

Gissa Job

As regular readers will know, I am of the “no borders” Libertarian camp. Before the nationalists amongst you send me death threats or tell me we will be swamped by Muslim hoards, I’d like to explain.

If you believe, as I do, that the State is a false construct, then you also have to believe that the borders of a State are a false construct. A state cannot “own” property. It can certainly defend the individual property of a “collective “of citizens who have chosen to group together to defend their properties (quite rightly), but I see that as the only function of a “state”. In times of threat, protect the borders of our “collective” properties.

Today, will see “leaders” of the “State” demand that I employ not the best man for the job, but the man born within the borders of the State. Simple nationalist rhetoric designed to divide and rule. It suggests that those who are not “British” should have a lesser right to work than those who are. Deeply un- Libertarian. Deeply tribal and deeply divisive. As it is intended to be by our masters.

There is a simple reason your cleaner is Polish, the bus driver is Estonian, your waitress is Spanish and the road sweeper is Czech. They desire to earn money and do not qualify for welfare handouts from the State. There is a reason so many “British” citizens do not work as cleaners, bus drivers, road sweepers and waitresses. The State pays them not to, via our bloated welfare system.

Tax credits, council tax credits, free school meals, housing, dole, invalidity benefits, you name it. A British person cannot climb out of the carefully crafted bed of Socialism because to do so will inflict yet more poverty upon him. Like a slave deciding the plantation, a roof over his head, three square meals and a master that won’t beat him too often is a better option than the fearful territory of freedom, with rights and responsibilities, risk and reward.

The reason immigrants are queuing at Sangatte is not access to our benefits system, no matter what the Daily Mail tells you. They want access to our job markets that the State has decided cannot support the “British” worker, so pays him to stay at home watching Jeremy Kyle and X Factor all day. If you want to get rid of “immigrants”, stop paying millions of British to do nothing whilst the immigrants do the work we are paying the British NOT to do. Abolish minimum wage and the ridiculous benefits hammocks and let the market decide who can best do the job. Because if we keep producing citizens that are too stupid and lazy to function in society, there really is little point in defending the borders from those who can and will.

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