Thursday, 7 July 2011

From the ashes..

"We'll be taking all the files and shit we have on you and moving them to the Sun. Understand, bitch?"

Whilst the idiots that run our media and country are wandering around "dazed" that James Murdoch has announced he is closing the News of the World, all you have to look for is the devil in the detail.

And here it is. Dated 28th June 2011, from Rebekah Brooks herself.

"We will take a comprehensive look at where there is common ground across our titles and where we should remain unique.

Where there is common ground we will find ways of implementing efficiencies to editorial systems and processes and, where appropriate, we will find ways of introducing seven day working."

Calm down, carry on, all is well. Meanwhile, we need to name the bent coppers who took their money...

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