Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Eat it up

I suppose it had to be on the cards. Ever since the National Health Service was created by the State, the State had claimed ownership of your health, as well as your wealth. And it appears the health of the people of Hungary is costing the glorious State too much of their hard earned money.

So, from next year, you will now be taxed on what you smoke, drink AND EAT. Yup, Hungary is to introduce Europe's first "fat tax" on foods that might make you fat. If you eat too much of them.

people must choose healthy alternatives or the tax revenue will be high.

How about the state gets out of the health game? I didn't ask for an NHS, I'm not asked to contribute, I'm TOLD. And even IF I eat healthily, I will be taxed to pay for those who don't. No, they are not my responsibility and they are certainly not the responsibility of Government.

Keep the slaves fit, or fine them if they cannot work on the plantation for the Owner through their own "choices". Perfect. Work harder, faster, longer. Arbeit Macht Frei.

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