Thursday, 21 July 2011

Animal EU Farm

Today will see the German taxpayers once again slaughtered to worship the Holy Grail of "economic and political union" within the EU. Hardworking, educated Northern European citizens will be forced to cover the promises of useless Socialist politicians who saw entry to the Eu and Euro as nothing more than a cash cow to be milked for more votes. And it worked. The cash flowed, melon farmers grew rich and the bloated public sectors gleefully retired at 50 whilst their Northern counterparts were told they may not retire until their late 60's.

France, with perhaps the largest vested interest in economic union and Germany, the largest producer of things people actually want to buy, will not allow their vision to fail. The banks and private investors, happy to lend an endless supply of cash to feckless politicians have point blank refused to take the losses, the citizens of impoverished countries are simply refusing to accept that a German can afford a BMW whilst they can't and Merckel refuses to let it go.

My prediction?

A few more riots in Spain and Greece, a bank levy to force banks to cover their own debts, Eurozone taxpayers handed the rest and the can will be kicked further down the road. Move along now, nothing to see here and a great deal of muttering from Northern European politicians and taxpayers.

All this cost, all this pain. For what? Why does Europe NEED a single currency? Well, it doesn't. It might help if you are trying to build an empire, and they certainly are but the main aim of the EU is the classic Fabian "equality for all".

Except we aren't equal. An educated German, with a work ethic will always produce more than a 14 year old goat herder in the Balkans. Yet under EU Socialism, all have the same value, all deserve the same prizes. Paid for, of course, by the educated German with a work ethic producing good quality products that people want to buy. Germanys success is being nationalised across the EU without anyone questioning WHY Germany is successful - because they WORK HARD at being successful.

I don't buy French cars, because they are shit - badly designed, badly made and forever breaking down. This, of course, makes me a thought criminal. There is no reason why a Frenchman cannot produce a car to the same standards as the Germans. Except he would have to be a German, think like a German, take pride like a German, be educated and qualified like a German. Not possible. He is French, drinks wine at lunch, insists his design for electronic fuel injection is better than any other established system in the world and refuses to work in the summer. Don't even start me on why the Greeks will never build a car. But French cars reach the same imposed EU "norm" as a German car, so MUST have the same value. Bumper tractor harvests all round.

And yet, the EU insists we are all the same. Our work, our ethics, our "value" and applys one single currency and one single political solution to us all, using our money to enslave us even more in the "four legs good" nightmare. Whilst working the Germans ever harder to pay for it all.

1984 failed when the wall came down. This IS Animal Farm - live.

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