Thursday, 9 June 2011

where Angels fear to tread

I was out with Guido today, attending the "Tea for Change" lobby which is demanding that even MORE than £16 billion a year of your tax money is handed over to all and sundry in the 3rd world so that they too, may own iPads and therefore reach "equality" with us filthy capitalists in the West.

I spoke with various delegates and all them had no answer to my simple question:

Why are you demanding people on minimum wage here fund a nation that has a £1 billion a year space program and more nuclear weapons than us?

All of them umm and ahh'ed. Really. Not one could answer. And then, they threw us out. And then they attacked the man, not the message.

The reason Old Holborn stays anonymous, despite offers of TV and newspaper columns is that anyone can be Old Holborn and Old Holborn could be anyone. I will not be attacked for anything but my message. Feel free to act in my name, all you need is a Guy Fawkes mask. Or a spacesuit.

If you are tired of politics, then it's up to you to change it. You have the internet, you have the vote and you have your voice. Use them. There really are only 650 of them.


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