Friday, 24 June 2011

Vengence is NOT Justice


No sooner is the murderous wife beating father of 11 sentenced to never be released do other “Libertarians” demand the reintroduction of the State death penalty.

To hand the 650 corrupt, spiteful, vindictive law making Politicians in OUR Parliament the power of execution over us, the citizens, is frankly beyond my comprehension

Murder is a vile crime, the murder of a teenage girl even more disgusting and there are plenty of people on my shit list (not least the QC who took such delight in destroying the family of Millie Dowler that he even links to it on his website) but to hand “lawful murder” to those who rule us.

The answer of course, is simple. Allow us to defend ourselves. with lethal force whilst taking the consequences. Manners improve dramatically when you relaise the person you are squaring up to and planning to stab for asking you not to throw chips at other passengers on the bus may well be the last person you ever bully.

Don’t hand the power of life and death back to those who took ours away. Vengence is NOT justice.

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