Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Tea Time for Taxpayers, Tomorrow

Tomorrow will see an interesting event at Westminster Hall.

Whilst the UK is finally being weaned off hand outs from the treasury and slowly learning that Politicians have been bribing us with our own money and borrowing madly when they ran out of it, charities have been screaming that their handouts from the public purse are being reduced. Of course, the logical option would be to raise funds themselves, but alas, the last 13 years have seen them grow into bloated de facto Government Departments (with none of the accountability of course), unable to survive on donations alone.

So Action Aid (£65M), Cafod (£49M), Christian Aid (£104M), Oxfam (£318M), Save the Children (£7M) and Tearfund (£65M) are lobbying Westminster for yes, you guessed it, MORE taxpayers money.

The "Tea Time For Change" campaign will meet at Central Hall, Westminster at 11am, hosted by the man who is giving "developing nations" £16 BILLION of our money (ring fenced via DFID), Andrew Mitchell MP, Secretary of State for International Development and that bastion of "equality,""Harriet Harperson, shadow secretary of International Development.

On the agenda, naturally is the Robin Hood Tax, whereby every financial transaction you choose to make will incur a levy, to be handed to "developing nations", a "living wage" in 3rd world countries and of course to ensure that 0.7% of GNI is taken, by force, from taxpayers, every year to fund bizarre schemes in fly blown hell holes across the planet. - including handing India £280 million a year in "aid" whilst they spend over £1,000 million on a space programme and donate Aid themselves to China.

At worst, Aid is a corrupt method of handing out taxpayers money to ensure that our weapons manufacturers and corporations will be handed it straight back in orders, with profits going to shareholders and at best, it is a ruinous path to "global government", with "fabian" equality for all, subsidised via your pocket.

I will be in attendance, along with Guido Fawkes, to lobby against the raiding of the public purse, without our consent, to pay for the vanity projects of Politicians.

11am, Westminster Arms, just across the road from the Commons.

Charity is voluntary. It is NOT a government department. If your cause is just, you will raise the cash you need by appealing to the good nature of individuals who have earned their money (see RNLI for further details). If you feel you have a right to raise taxes, without consent, to fund your "charity", I will be there to remind you who earned it and who it belongs to.

See you there.

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