Friday, 17 June 2011

Minimum wage is actually £1.65. Enforced by the State

Much gnashing of teeth by all and sundry today over a suggestion by Philip Davies MP that disabled people should have the choice to sell their labour for less than £5.93, the national minimum wage. Cruel, heartless, Victorian, they say.

It may be worth noting that rich countries with highly developed societies do not rely on the State to impose a minimum wage. Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland and Germany don’t have a minimum wage. Unlike Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain, who do.

I find it evil that a state can force you to do nothing rather than earn £5.92 an hour selling the one thing that belongs to you. Your labour. You MUST sit at home on £1.65 an hour instead. Paid by “the State” (other taxpayers). Right now, we are paying 2.4 Million people nearly £4 Million an hour to do nothing, instead of them earning themselves £14 Million an hour.

Because minimum wage creates poverty. It creates clients for a welfare state. And it allows politicians to bribe you with your own money in handouts. Imagine if they imposed a minimum price for housing?

If you want to be free, then be free to sell your labour for it’s true value. Rich people do. Ask the Swiss.

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