Friday, 17 June 2011

Majestic Silence

I’m a republican.

Not because I detest the accident of birth that perpetuates the undemocratic concept that a “head of State” is born, not that money is extracted from us (£200M a year), under threat of violence to pay for their luxury existences and not even because I am required to be a “subject” to their authority by having the misfortune to be born in the UK.

I object to the very concept that one human may rule over another.

I’ll admit, the monarchy does not intrude into my daily life much, certainly not as much as the shenanigans of the 650 idiots in Parliament with their endless law making, vested interests and corruption but the Queen, as unelected head of State is ultimately where the buck stops.

I can see where the concept of monarchy came from and frankly, the chances of Prince Charles leading an army into Brussels to protect his subjects from European tyranny are pretty remote. Whilst loyal (ie. useful) subjects were rewarded with lands (and the indentured serfs who lived on them), it is now watered down to little gongs on bits of ribbon and a mention in the local papers.

Yet our land is still owned by the distant relatives of William of Normandy who plundered us a thousand years ago, taxes and subsidies are still levied on huge swathes of the UK based on ancient conquests of the royal inner circle and patronage of those who further the “will” of the monarchy is still rewarded by the House of Windsor.

Of course, we have free speech in this country (we don’t) and (almost) the right to protest, so it surprised me little to see that a protest by fellow republicans outside a house paid for by the taxpayer should be banned on the principle that it might embarrass the inhabitant – the richest woman in the UK.

Care to join me outside Brenda’s council house on the 25th of June to remind her who actually pays for it all?

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