Thursday, 30 June 2011

Learn to thrive in SPITE of the State

Today, of course, saw the bloated “public sector” finally hit the streets after 13 years of gorging on money borrowed and stolen from future generations. An army of Lesbian Outreach Diversity facilitators and Nail Extension and Spray Tan Lecturers blubbered that it wasn’t fair that just because their Fabian masters gave all the money to the banks they might have to live on a smaller pension. Like the private sector does. They have my full sympathy, of course.

“But the only reason you can read this is because a state teacher taught you how”, was the battle cry. Bollocks to that. The Telegraph points out that 1.7 MILLION children in the UK are now “defined” as having “special needs”. 1 in 5 of our children is classified as a mong by the very people who get paid YOUR money to teach mongs (except they are on strike today, for not getting enough of your money to retire on to Tuscany).

I’m not a great fan of the State educating ANY child. I certainly do not believe it represents good value when the exam system throws out millions of shuffling idiots incapable of finding gainful employment but gleefully clutching a “certificate of welfare entitlement”, so an army of yet more Fabian “specialists” can be employed to counsel the little darlings when their anger management techniques, taught aged 5, cannot cope with being skint, stupid and futureless.

I have six children. I sat with them, read with them, worked with them, encouraged them, imparted wisdom on them, nurtured their intellects, fed their ambitions, opened their minds, instructed them in life, all its failures and successes. I conversed with them, poured over dictionaries with them, pointed and showed them the world around them, explained their rights and their responsibilities to them. I cared for them because I am their father, it is my job.

If the State wants to assume all of the above, then 500,000 Fabians are the very WORST people to do it. All they have been taught is dependency, entitlement, compliancy, uniformity and slavery, the very WORST education a child can receive.

My children deserved better. So I made sure they received it. They thrived in spite of the State, something we all need to learn. But don’t expect to be taught it by anyone employed by the State.

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