Tuesday, 14 June 2011

God told me to do it...

How often do we reach for the straight jacket when the next in a long line of unstable fruitbats appears in the dock after stabbing/eating/raping/shooting another human being to plead that "God told me to do it"?

We shake our heads that anyone could be so fucked up as to actually believe that an imaginary sky pixie was ordering them to harm another human being. And off they go to the funny farm and we all breath a sigh of relief in the knowledge that the world is just a little safer.

So why the uproar when it is suggested that San Francisco is about to ban the mutilation of an infants penis by parents who shout "God told me to do it"? I am against most bans except when they protect a child WHO HAS NO RELIGION to be violently assaulted with a knife by parents who are deluded enough to believe they must, or endure the wrath of their sky pixie.

Do what you want to your body when you are a consenting adult. It is yours, it belongs to you. You certainly do NOT have the authority (religious or otherwise) to mutilate an infant with a knife, regardless of your "freedom of religion". If we cannot protect 5 day old infants from their knife wielding parents, then we should empty the prisons of those who assault grown adults with knives.

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