Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Cards are on the table. At last

The Cards are on the table and now we will find out who is bluffing.

The IMF, European Central Bank and a large selection of French and German banks have decided that if their “investments” are unlikely to be repaid by the Greeks then the European taxpayer must cover the losses.

Sarkozy and Merkel both know that the Euro project will fail if the ECB fails (and fail it should, no bank should lend what it doesn’t have) but both are frightened stiff that demanding the taxpayer cover the losses the banks will make might rock their gravy train and show the entire Euro project to be built on sand, backed up by taxpayers with guns to their heads.

We all know the answer for Greece is to stop greedily sucking on the Welfare tit of the EU, pretending that they are as rich as Germans, dump the debt, reissue the Drachma and get used to farming goats and melons again. Or “cutting their cloth” as the phrase used to go.

Since the end of the 2nd World War, Politicians have been bribing us with our own money, and when they ran out of that, the banks simply invented more to “lend” us. Our future labour has long been sold as “bonds” and the gold stuff that backed it all up was sold off to pay for more public sector jobs and votes a decade ago.

Take a good look around you. This explosion of “invisible credit/debt” has built great things. Motorways, airports, fat farmers, a ruling elite, banks more powerful than nation states and endless wars. The “entitlement” classes, something unheard of 70 years ago are now demanding that free “care workers” attend to their elderly parents every need whilst they push “enforcement” papers around a council office to repay the loan on the BMW sitting on the drive. The State has never been bigger and intrudes into every single thing we do, eat, earn, save, own, say or think. Our earnings are stripped of any value by taxes, fines, levies and interest. Bankers and Politicians dividing the spoils of greedy exploitation of the masses with “shiny things” equally. Corporations corrupting the very democracies we fought wars to build.

And in the words of my alter ego, V,

“If you are looking for someone to blame, you need only look in the mirror”

We, just like the Greeks, were seduced by easy credit and greasy Politicians. It didn’t matter that our manufacturing or industry was decimated as long as our entitlement to a behemoth Welfare state was left intact. Who needs to work, in fact, who even needs a job anymore? The State has long since replaced the family unit as a stable foundation to a fruitful and purposeful life. Any charities that genuinely helped the vulnerable was snapped up by Social services to ensure that the vulnerable were kept vulnerable and grateful for State handouts.

I will be leaving the UK. I simply do not wish to be part of this great pantomime anymore. I’m sure it will continue in one guise or another, just as I’m sure if the banks offered enough credit, we would all be “force counselled” by a diversity coordinator who arrives in a new Council BMW. My faith in the British to simply say "no" has expired. They are whores to Politicians, whores to Corporations, whores to Banks, fatally addicted to the Welfare state and unable to take responsibilty or be self reliant. They are complicit slaves to a system designed to enslave them whilst their masters meet on luxury yachts to decide how to extract more juice from the lemons on the EU plantation.

My plans are being set in motion. It will not involve iPads or credit cards. It will not include “planning permission” or licenses from the State or a rabid addiction to public sector borrowing or a shiny new BMW. It will not involve fake paper money or a desperate, gasping attempt to appear more successful in life than my neighbour. No Gucci, no endless TV demanding I consume yet more otherwise the Ponzi scheme will fail. It will involve living the life I want, not the life they are hell bent on imposing upon us all. True, peaceful revolution in every sense of the word. Not of others, but of me.

I’ll keep you posted

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