Sunday, 26 June 2011

Are you sitting comfortably?

Thursday may be a watershed in the public education system of the UK.

You see, union members of the teaching profession have decided that their needs come before anybody elses and have decided to strike. Rather than close down the schools, Michael Gove has decided to let parents run them for a day instead.

I know many in the teaching profession who openly admit that they are little more useless "riot control" attempting to instil some sense of order in the lives of children who are the very lowest priority of their parents. The new car, the jacuzzi, taking Nana to Disneyworld are far and away the only things that matter in their hectic lives.

And an education system built merely to measure and monitor, to "empathise" and "emasculate" the little darlings results in a system that all must receive prizes no matter how badly they failed and were failed by those supposed to teach them.

Thursday will see the parents being confronted with the products of their own selfish existences and they will witness how Fabians in their vice like grip over education have corrupted learning to the very core.

Stand by for some interesting articles in the press next weekend. Parents are about to receive a strong dose of the same medicine the State has been force feeding their children for the past 40 years

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