Tuesday, 17 May 2011

When the world runs out of money...

It's time to look at what money actually is. Not the useless paper stuff or the printed numbers on a bank statement but what it actually is.

The method to reward the actual physical labour involved in creating something that others desire. Certainly, it has always been based on gold, that rare stuff that is difficult to get out of the ground simply because the effort to get it out of the ground means it has "value".

Since our masters decided that gold was just too difficult to find, they've just started inventing "money" from thin air. It doesn't exist and its value is now based on "future income". Bonds. A country that has an educated workforce can auction the future the tax income of that workforce to get its hands on more of the stuff and if not, will quietly print more of it off. If it runs out, they will raise the amount they steal in taxes and sell more bonds.

Credit. The great con trick where a bank lends you money they don't have, that doesn't even exist in any form on the promise that you will use your labour to repay it by creating something someone else will borrow their fictional money to purchase.

Having exploited us, the banks and governments are now addicting the third world to "credit". Lending even the poorest of the poor the "money" to enslave their labour in the hope of becoming richer. Meanwhile, the corporations are smiling, knowing that one day soon, even the peasant in the field will own a shiny new iPad, bought on a promise to work harder.

I am not an economist. I know I am rich because I can buy the things I like, not just the things I need. I know I have also paid an absolute fortune in "interest" on money that never existed. I know my government is quite literally banking on me to live a long productive life so that it can borrow even more. And it turn, it will spend it on 3rd world nations to ensure that they too can borrow more money in the rush to become rich.

Don't smoke, don't drink, don't drive too fast. We have invested in you. You belong to us. We've already sold your future labour to buy more votes. Don't eat that, it will make you fat and unproductive.

Eventually, when the whole world has a mortgage, a credit card full of debt, student loans and shiny things, we might wake up to the fact that our 60 hour weeks and 50%+ taxation has not made us free in any way. It has just given every single thing we hold dear to those who would enslave us. In return for 20 days paid holiday a year.

If you want to be free, start with being free of debt. You remove the power of banks and Politicians over your life. You may have less baubles to impress, but you will also have the freedom of knowing that what you own does not own you. And when nothing owns you, you can start to own yourself. Because one day, the world will realise that money no longer exists and all your labour was in vain.

I'm no survivalist, but I do know you can't eat an iPad. Something the 3rd world is being coerced to forget.

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