Monday, 23 May 2011

Starve the Parasite (Prt 2)

This is my response to Andy's essay below this post.

One of the reasons I rapidly departed the Libertarian Party was the realisation that Party Politics does not represent the individual and the authoritarian State was ONLY interested in attacking and bleeding the individual. Labours relentless attacks were not aimed at business or the collective, but me, personally. I was the one being stopped and searched. My personal emails were being collected.

My version of Libertarianism involves chickens, two pigs and an acre of land and I'm certainly no hippy or middle class Good Life fanatic. I've rejected a bank account and credit cards and bought gold and silver. If the State want to deflate that to pay their bills, they'll have to dig some more up. My car runs quite happily on vegetable oil salvaged from local pubs, I service it myself and scour ebay for the spare parts I need as and when.

I have realised that simply earning money is pointless if you are only allowed to keep a bit of it. I have most of the material goods I ever dreamed of owning and therefore my outgoings are paltry. The acquisition of further monetary wealth simply for the sake of it seems pointless to me. An iPad2 is not going to enrich my life any more than gold plated guttering on my house will and I'm damned if I'll work 60 hours a week for it.

I have also met a vast amount of "rich" people who cannot sleep in case the goose that lays the golden eggs is not reaching it's quarterly targets, their holiday villas remain empty, their yachts rot in marinas and their designer clothes go quietly and expensively out of fashion, hung unworn in a wardrobe of a fitted bedroom that will need to be "modernised" again within 10 years. And they are joyless miserable bastards, mobiles clamped to their ears all day trying desperately to "leverage" more profit out of whatever venture they have sold their soul to.

Put simply, I no longer seek "wealth", I already have it. A TV blaring at me instructing me to consume more shite so that we can all swap money again holds no power over me. What I own does not own me. In this respect I am free from the parasite that feeds on any monetary transaction I choose to make. I simply do without it as much as I can. My parents did. Their parents REALLY did and I'm teaching my children how to cook and grow food, not how to recognise a Prada hand bag at 30 paces.

This peasant will not be tugging his forelock at any Lord of the Manor. I am the highest authority over me and I'm happy to take the responsibility that goes with that statement. As like the author of the post below recognises, most people do not wish for what I wish for, so I'm happy to peacefully tread my own path in the direction I choose, in peace. On the condition that they, and their masters, leave me the hell alone to live my life and spend my money how I choose.

Real austerity is not about receiving less, it's about wanting less. I have all I want already, so "austerity" will not affect me one bit. What it may do is show the public that Politicians spend others money with no regard for the future, borrow against the unearned income of our children and assume responsibilities and rights that we once owned for ourselves and our families because "they know best". Yeah, right.

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