Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Rally against debt

As the profligate spending of politicians in Greece, Ireland, Portugal and others sees both the EU banks and the Germans dictate to free citizens how they must now live their lives, I shall be attending "Rally Against Debt" on Saturday 14th May in London.

I do not expect a massive turnout, I do not expect the world the change but I do intend to use my voice to insist that before any politician commits my children and their children to yet more public debt, we are given an option to say no.

Debt IS slavery. The very reason Governments and banks are so keen on it. It is time for them to stop spending our money enslaving us with their debt.

Join me, 11am at Old Palace Yard, opposite Parliament to remind them where the finance for their grand schemes comes from. Our labour. Our risk. Our sacrifice.

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