Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A Greek Tragedy

There is trouble ahead. Despite being handed billions by the EU bank and European taxpayers, Greece has still run out of other peoples money.

Those with a vested interest (currently 16%) in seeing Greece repay its enormous debts are pressing for yet more austerity from the State (whilst Greeks still retire at 55) and tax hikes to fleece the population even more.

How did this happen?

Well, the EU told Greece they could have everything the Germans have if they just joined the fat sweaty gym on a never ending contract (direct debt) and ceded all power to the unelected in Brussels. Socialist politicians seduced by the prospect of unlimited, unearned wealth pouring into the coffers of communists, rewarding their supporters signed on the dotted line and the Greeks were enslaved.

And now the banks and the EU want their payback. Except the Greeks are not playing ball. An article in this mornings Grauniad highlights that Greeks are sick of being squeezed. They KNOW who is at fault. They KNOW their "leaders" were sold the emporers new clothes and instead of knuckling down, tugging their forelocks to their new masters and working on the plantation are simply ignoring the State

more and more people experience the lack of meaning, rationality, justice and freedom in their everyday lives. Some refuse to pay transport and hospital fees, tolls and debts, and others create tiny local networks of solidarity, alternative commerce or self-education in their districts. Some read blogs and narrate different stories reconfirming their dignity with humble, daily acts of resistance because they feel the difference between "us" and "them" that no media or state narrative can obscure.
Eventually, Portugal and Ireland will do the same. The Politicians will demand more from the slaves to pay back the debts they created to enslave them and the citizens will just decide to ignore them. You can trade in other currencies. Turks have never trusted the Turkish Lire and trade mostly in dollars and Euros. Silver and gold bars are now available in vending machines should you decide not to trust a bankrupt bank that is owned by a bankrupt state to keep your life savings safe (even now, the EU has told the Irish State to raid the private pensions and savings for cash).

Even if the Greek state doesn't default on it's debt, its people sure enough will. And who can blame them? Why SHOULD their children carry the debt of greedy Politicians?

Granted, Greek neighbourhoods won't have 5 brand new taxpayer funded astro turf pitches to keep unemployed yoof amused, or outreach workers or diversity coordinators, but then again, perhaps they never should have?

Learn a lesson. Do NOT accept the debt the State has piled on us. It isn't ours, or our childrens. It belongs to the Politicians who signed the contracts and raided our pockets by force. Hold them responsible. From a lamp post if necessary. Don't withdraw your labour. Withdraw the States access to your labour.

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