Thursday, 5 May 2011

From Acorns

12 months ago, I stood for the Parliamentary seat of Cambridge, thanks to the readers of this blog who donated enough money for my deposit, 50,000 leaflets, posters, stickers, banners, a campaign office and eggs to throw at corrupt politicians.

It was a fantastic event, forcing the Labour candidate in a "two party" race into third position, upsetting PLENTY of those who simply assume they may rule us because they study at the university of the Political Class, upsetting the establishment by using their own rules against them (and becoming the first person in history to stand for Parliament completely anonymously, whilst not even registered to vote myself, a criminal act).

I had originally coupled with the Jury Party to use their knowledge and "an army of independents" policy to upset the Status Quo, but alas, the hurdle was too big for the party to conquer and I ended up as Old Holborn - Independent on the ballot paper.

I went to the hustings (invited or not), I shouted from the roof tops and harassed my opposition whenever possible. Even today, none of them has any idea who I am, what I do, where I live or what I look like - attack my ideals, not me was my motto.

Now I want YOU to do the same. Anna Raccoon, Devils Kitchen, Nameless Libertarian and myself will host ANY blogpost you care to post on the condition that it is used to raise funds for your very own Libertarian campaign to be elected. My readers will either back you with funds or destroy you with comment. My readers will decide if you receive the funds to stand or not.

Please head over to Annas for the full lowdown, and then get yourself up and do it. If you have HALF the fun I had last year, you will still die with a smile on your face knowing that just for a few fleeting moments, YOU rippled the fetid swamp that IS politics.

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