Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Butler Did It

At present, our armed forces are risking life and limb to protect innocent citizens from being attacked by their own Governments in the Middle East. Politicians are flying around the world, forming alliances, settling differences and bribing all and sundry to put a halt to the old tradition of murdering those who oppose your Government.

Iain Tomlinson was not a seditionary, a revolutionary, a protester. He was walking home when he was attacked by a servant of the State who had already been fired once for attacking the public he served.

I remember the day well. I was at the G20 protests being kettled by the Police for having the temerity to oppose the Government of the day in a peaceful way. I remember how the mood changed with a change of shift at 2pm and the smiling bobbies were replaced with Robocop thugs, intent of testing the techniques they had been taught in "crowd control".

Iain Tomlinson, in his own country, in his own neighbourhood, was in the wrong place at the wrong time and through no gfault of his own was on the receiving end of a Police Force out of control. This was NOT one officer, one bad apple. Simon Harwood was using techniques he had been taught. Intimidate. Threaten. Use violence. Do not assume innocence, presume guilt. Shoot first.

What troubles me more than a serving public servant turning on the very people he was sworn to protect is what happened next.

No CCTV was found to be working. No fellow Police Officers saw anything. No competent doctor was allowed near the deceased. Verdict= heart attack. A "stumbling drunk", "unemployable", "on deaths door anyway" was the line fed to the media.

Until of course, a banker from New York handed the Grauniad footage from his mobile phone showing casual violence and brutal indifference from a thug paid by us to protect us. The cat was out of the bag. The CPS had already decided no one would face charges for the attack and the Met had decided no officer would be disciplined for hiring a known thug who thrived on assaulting the public.

Without the bankers footage and the Grauniad, PC Simon Harwood would be wandering your neighbourhood, looking for an opportunity to use the power invested in him by us to assault us. As trained by the Met.

I want the head of Keir Starmer of the CPS, Bob Broadhurst of the Met and whoever wrote the training manual of the feral thugs in uniform who now patrol OUR streets. Our servants are abusing their masters and I want it stopped. Now. It was pure luck that this wasn't just swept under the carpet by those who serve us but would rule us.

As for PC Simon Harwood, once retired on "medical grounds" for violence against the public only to return and kill a member of the public, I want him charged with manslaughter. Today. Not next month or next year. Today.

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