Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The bottomless pit

Today sees yet another example of big government deciding that in order to remain big government, it needs to centralize everything that big government relies on to remain big.

Namely, the NHS. That behemoth that employs 1.5 MILLION people and swallows a staggering £100 Billion of taxpayers money every year.

Fabians decided to allocate a further £11.5 Billion to their favourite crony lobbyists corporations to ensure that each and every precious bit of data on each and every one us could be viewed anywhere, anytime. And of course, like all central government diktats, no regard was paid to the best way to do it, just get it done, so we, the masters can bask in the glory.

Despite the likes of Amazon, Ebay and Google managing to build flexible, solid systems that know what I had for breakfast, our masters have decided that because it isn’t their money, they can pay old friends and future “consultancy contacts” to employ armies of middle aged program managers called Keith from Daventry in badly fitting suits with scruffy rucksacs on £450 a day contract rates for ever.

Political vanity is the reason. It has NOTHING to do with offering a better service, if it did, they would have chosen the simplest cheapest method to get the job done. Give it to Amazon or Ebay who live or die by getting it right, first time. No, it has to go to cronies who will greedily drink at the bottomless pit, safe in the knowledge that a minister will at some point be appointed to the board as his reward for throwing billions at inept and inefficient state sponsored consultancies.

Peerages will be awarded, knighthoods will be issued, lucrative “adviser” roles awarded. Pensions secured, champagne for all. And the taxpayer will be left wondering just where the hell all the money went. And in the background, quietly smiling, will be BUPA, with their fully centralised, privately funded central records system, designed to improve the service they offer to their customers, not the aspirations of a Political Elite, drunk on the excesses of the public purse.

If you really want to save the NHS, refuse to let one more politician anywhere near it.

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