Thursday, 14 April 2011

What Elephant?

"What Elephant? Unwise to mention Elephants in a room full of mice" says Vince "I predicted 17 of the last 2 recessions" Cable as the old chestnut "Immigration" heads up the pre election scramble for the medias attention.

Contrary to what many assume, I am PRO immigration. I have lived in several countries and integrated perfectly until I could no longer stand the bastards and then promptly left again. I learned their languages, their customs, their peccadillo's, their laws and ultimately, their respect. Not their contempt by demanding I be allow to roll cheese down a hill or let off fireworks on a wintry November night "because it's my culture, innit".

I am anti borders. Most of nature has no borders. Explain to a European (not African) swallow that it may need a visa to visit the UK and it would laugh. The only reason we need a border is because we offer free money for doing nothing, plus a free health service, free education and free housing. Not even swallows get that and they have to fly all the way from Africa, not pay smugglers to get them here.

Of course, if you leave milk and honey out in the open, you will attract wasps and labour was keen to attract 2.2 million new voters who would not bite the "socialist" hand that fed them. So the borders were opened and in they poured. I can't blame them. Sitting under a tree is MUCH easier when all the bills are paid by the bloke commuting to work every day via a large benefits cheque delivered by a Diversity coordinator who speaks your language because you refuse to learn ours.

When the queues at Sangatte are gone, we will know that our welfare system has it right. I read a report from the Peoples Glorious Republic of Tower Hamlets on their 70,000 strong Somali population (71% of which are unemployed)

If I may quote

“In Somalia, you worked six days and chewed khat one day. In England, you chew khat seven days.”
Page 31

Mind the Elephant. It's fucking HUGE. Remember, the difference between a Welfare State and a Totalitarian State is merely a matter of time.

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