Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Subverting Democracy *UPDATED*

I am not Old Holborn. I thought I’d sneak in whilst no one was looking, and since I still have the keys, post a quick update about Bexley Council following on from my post a few weeks ago.

In the few weeks since that post, along with another local blogger I have uncovered instances of fraud, corruption, deceit, a blatant disregard for taxpayer’s money and most importantly of all total disrespect for democracy.

I won’t bore you with the intricate details like last time, feel free to go and have a look for yourselves:

*Blatant Plug*

There’s quite a bit to digest and I’d recommend at a minimum to bookmark the Bexley is Bonkers site for further reading.

Sitting at the very heart of our so-called democracy is something called accountability. One of the ways in which the government likes to give the impression of accountability is by publishing various documents and accounts so as the electorate can scrutinise spending etc. This is the case at local level too, councils are obliged by law to publish their annual accounts and just recently they’ve had to start publishing any expenditure which exceeds £500. Holding our leaders accountable is our right, as their electors.

This is where I’ve stepped in, I’ve downloaded Bexley’s annual accounts, and I have also downloaded the documents that give details of any expenditure over £500 and I’ve cross referenced them. The results have been pretty surprising, it’s quite fantastic how much information you can gain from these documents, I’ve uncovered all sorts of shenanigans going on at the council. My digging around is further enhanced by making good use of the Charities Commission website and the online search facility at Companies House (not free, but not expensive). Sadly not enough people are doing the same, it’s easy and takes only a couple of hours to uncover something smelly. I recommend it!

Armed with all this information at my finger-tips, and with a bit of handy help from a few sources from within the council I’ve managed to point my finger at various employees at the council and shout: “Thief!” I also pass on the information and substantiating evidence to Bexley is Bonkers to use as they wish.

Malcolm over at Bexley is Bonkers takes a more sensible and responsible approach to things and only ever publishes anything on his blog if he’s been able to confirm the information the post relates to. Malcolm also doesn’t resort to foul-mouthed rants about people either (unlike myself), and at worst resorts to giving councillors a nick-name or two. So I was surprised yesterday when I visited his site and happened across this:

Obviously the council are very worried and have now had to resort to intimidation to try and silence Malcolm. Luckily Malcolm is made from tough stuff and he’s not allowing them to achieve the goal of silencing him and he’s going to continue in his quest to hold the council accountable.

This is a perfect example of how the police force has been moulded and shaped to become the “Enforcers” for the political elite. Get too close to the truth and the police will step in. Make the political elite panic and they’ll resort to dirty tricks.

Why? Why if they’re as innocent as they claim to be do they feel the need to silence those who try and hold them accountable? Is it because they do actually have something to hide? Of course it is! That much is clear.

Malcolm has taken this letter in his stride and along he plods, if I ever received a letter like the one above, I’d have quite a hissy fit, and I’d go to any lengths to make sure the WHOLE world knew about the fraudulent activities at Bexley Council….

Oh... I forgot to tell you. I have exactly the same letter waiting for me at my local post office, I wasn’t home to sign for it yesterday.

I'll be burning said letter outside the council offices soon. Watch this space!


See you on the streets!



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