Friday, 8 April 2011

Lock, Stock and Barrel

It had to come. Portugal has run out of other peoples money, the Socialist govt has quit and new austerity measures, draconian to say the least, are to be enforced by the unelected of Brussels, their new masters.

Money will be controlled directly from the unaccountable (and very likely insolvent) European Central Bank, based on the future earnings of the Germans and overseen by the unelected European Commission. Taxes will be raised, services will be cut, interest rates will soar.

Portugal, as a sovereign nation is finished. As Rothschild said "give me control of a country's money supply and I care not who makes the laws". He was right. Portugal is now owned, lock, stock and barrel not by the people, but by the banks who will buy the bonds issued by the ECB to fund their public services.

Without entering into too much hyperbole, are we entering a new age where democratically elected governments are quite literally replaced by banks? Citizens become mere overdrawn "customers" to be held in ever increasing debt slavery and bondage to unelected masters? Icelanders knew this and simply defaulted, leaving outraged "bondholders" who had bought into power AND return holding the stinking nappy, unable to suck the future earnings of Icelanders with 60% tax rates. The EU is DESPERATE to get Iceland into the quicksand so that it can control Icelands debt and more importantly, the only means it has to repay. The very labour of the future people of Iceland.

The EU and it's central bank have performed the perfect coup. All future labour of the Portuguese now belongs to bankers, backup with the money of EU taxpayers, if required. No bank can fail. They have become our masters. They own us using our own money and that of our children not yet born to do it. Masterful slavery indeed.

Where is John Galt?

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