Monday, 4 April 2011

Debt is Slavery

Whilst Fabians demand that we continue to borrow (or simply print) yet more money to support spending that has left us crippled with debt, some sensible people (you know, the ones who have to actually pay the fucking bills at the end of the day) are set to peacefully demand that our debt and our deficit be paid back, leaving our grandchildren the opportunity to live in a world not shackled by the chains of 13 years of profligate Socialism.

(Chances are, if my kids are anything to go by, they'll just spend it all on posters of Emo Vampires or Blackberry credit, but heyho, it'll be their choice, not some swivel eyed public sector droid)

So if you are not doing anything on May 14th, a London Stroll may be in order to politely but firmly ask those who rape our wallets every month to do what they have to do to clear the deficit. It will be painful for those who are accustomed to others paying their bills and it will enrage "the vulnerable" (who can only afford iPhone3's on their benefits or 42" plasmas from their "mobility" allowance)

Now is the chance to do something to break the chains of bonded labour and slavery that all Governments rely on to keep their citizens in line and working until they drop. To be free, you need to be debt free. Hence our record Socialist deficit (yet again)

I will post dates and places nearer the date but feel free to follow the facebook group HERE

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