Sunday, 10 April 2011

Bonded Labour

Further to my posts below regarding the power of banks and their "ownership" of an entire country like Portugal, I've been reading up a bit.

Icelanders decided yesterday that no, they wouldn't be asking their children to spend their lives working to repay the debts of private banks. The EU is furious of course. Without debt enforced by the unelected in Brussels, the Icelanders will be free to choose their own destiny. Free to thrive, set their own interest rates, and do as they please. That won't do at all.

Then I stumbled across a little blog that shows who the debt is actually owned by. Guess what? It isn't our debt. Not you, not me, not our children. the "Gilts" sold by the Government were bought by.....

Politicians have placed us in slavery once again to the very people who caused the mess.

I will not be accepting this debt. I didn't make the contracts, I didn't vote for the politicians and I won't be paying.

All you have to do is default on your payments on a debt that isn't yours. Stop paying taxes. Stop consuming. Withdraw your labour. Your taxes are funelled directly to these companies in a never ending spiral that already owns the labour of your children, like a six year old forced to work a in carpet factory because the landlord built an extension to his mansion.

Enough is enough.

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