Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Birthplace of Democracy

The Greeks are rioting again. It appears they are not prepared to undertake the austerity measures imposed on them by the EU, Germany, the European Central Bank and a whole plethora of investors who have imposed draconian interest rates in return for covering the wild spending of the socialist Government who insisted that everything was free because someone else was going to pay. Retire at 50, the infrastructure of Germany and free everything for everyone, comrades.

They are now insisting that the Greek Government defaults on its crippling repayments and they can throw off the debt, re issue the Drachma and go back to melon farming, this time without the State supplying 42" Plasmas and half your life retired.

I hope they do. The Bondholders and the banks could do with a serious lesson in economics. Do not lend money to Socialists. They will spend it on buying votes to keep themselves in power. In return, they will sell the very people they insist they represent into slavery to the highest bidder, confident , just like the banks, that if things get really ugly, some idiot taxpayer (from a country that does behave responsibly) will be forced to pick up the bill.

So do it, Comrades. Free yourselves of debt and let the bondholders take the hit. Isn't that why they charged you interest of 12%? PS, you might have to actually, like, work and make stuff, but if you ask your grandparents, I'm sure they'll give you a few tips

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