Saturday, 19 March 2011

The REAL enemy

Once again, we cannot learn the lessons history keeps telling us we must, and the ultimate aim of the politician comes to the fore.

Organised Violence of behalf of the State

The anti Gadaffi rebels in Libya are not peaceful protesters. They are armed rebels seeking to overthrow the State. Whether I like it or not, I DO expect the Libyan state to defend itself, which is what it appears to be doing.

I have no time for Gadaffi. I have no time for his brutal regime and I certainly have no time for a UK state that knows it can apply organised violence better than Gadaffi and therefore MUST become involved. Oil and Tax revenues are there for the taking by the ones with the biggest guns.

It is not OUR problem, it is the problem for the tribes of Arabia to solve. Until they do, they will remain

Alas, unlike the Yemen, or Bahrain, where the repression of peoples and the shooting of innocent protesters with Western supplied arms is tolerated by our masters, Libya has oil. Lots of it.

I defy any reader to find a country that the UK or West will not bomb to defend the shareholders of BP. God help any peoples who defy the great God of Petroleum. And God help you if you DON'T have any, you really ARE on your own.

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