Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Prodigal Son

I was involved in a rather interesting debate yesterday evening with none other than Lee Jasper, ex "advisor" to Ken Livingstone and champion of black only schools and forced reparations for slavery "of his people" by white folk.

The crux of his argument was that Boris Johnson was to blame for the shooting of a 5 year old girl by three black feral teenage thugs on the Stockwell Estate in SAARFF London yesterday. The Mayor of London had "failed her" he rallied and should be held responsible

Now, as a Libertarian, I believe the individual is responsible for the actions of the individual. You have a choice and you face the consequences of that choice, rightly or wrongly. Lee (quite rightly in my opinion) argued that these children have no home, no family to speak of other than "the gang"no aspirations and no future. Quite why this means they should shoot a 5 year old girl escaped both of us but this result was that he believes Politicians are at fault and I believe that those who made the choice to raise the gun totting shitheads so badly that they became gun totting shitheads capable of shooting 5 year bystanders are. Their "parents"

We had our usual courteous exchange on twitter whereby I blamed the culture of certain sections of black society that couldn't give a fuck about their offspring as long as the state housed them, fed them, handed out enough money to have their nails painted once a week. His exchange was that these kids have been abandoned by society. White society. And the resulting carnage is of our own making.

For all my rantings, my doctor, highly and proudly qualified, is a fat, Gold Rolex wearing Nigerian. He came from a family that realised education and hard work was the key to freedom and he earned it. He's a rich man and he saves lives every day. He is married, has two children and inspects their homework every evening in the full knowledge that if he doesn't, they may fail. They may become just another black face on the dole. "Not a chance" he says smiling "I'll make sure they are too smart for dat, no matter what I have to do, no matter what I have to pay".

Right now, in Southwark, the council is employing people to make sure that our gun toting shithead feral black youth never ever have to face anyone like my doctor. The local council has employed ARMIES of welfare officers who do not want to see stable families, aspirations, success for the black community. They want "clients". They want "victims". They want "funding"

You see, my Nigerian doctor looked, saw what was required to succeed in the white mans world and applied himself to succeeding in the white mans world. Southwark council on the hand have looked and seen what is required to succeed in the black world of Kingston, Jamaica. Guns. Drugs. Money. Bitches. No WAY are they going to deny dem yoof their "cultural heritage".

My Doctor has no interest in state funded hip hop workshops. He listens to Mozart instead. He IGNORES politicians who tell him his "heritage" and how to behave. He ignores the army of diversity coordinators who would have celebrating Voodoo with 5 wives. He is his OWN man.

Watch the excuses fly when the scrotes are caught. Watch the ARMY of council ethnic advisors pour out to justify their existence. Watch the "state" wring it's hands and say "but we gave you the Notting Hill Carnival, isn't that what you wanted?"

And no, and don't worry, poor white kids are not far behind. Ask another city full of "community advisors" expressing their "cultural heritage", Liverpool.

60 years of the Welfare State and 14 year olds are shooting 5 year olds. That's progress? God, I hate Politicians. They make awful parents. Perhaps Lee and I have more in common than I knew.

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