Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Military And The State

The new MP for Barnsley, Dan Jarvis, is an ex military officer with service in Iraq and Afghanistan, shame it is as a Labour MP, but I would rather him than the likes of  somebody like Straw, Balls and the Millibands who are just immature Student Union revolutionaries, ready to storm the gates of capitalism over a cup of lukewarm coffee in the students union.

Thanks to Blair's wars from 1997 to the present we are getting a crop of former serving officers entering frontline politics. In the sixties this was the norm as most if not all politicians in the House had fought in world war two.

I expect that over the next ten years, having 'war veteran' on your CV for going before the electorate is again going to become de rigeur and essential. This will have a profound affect on our politics as it has in Israel where all the senior politicians are ex Generals. A certain mind set develops in the military that likes order, instant obedience to a command and the assurance that somebody else will meet the bills. In Israel , America picks up the tab, who do this new generation of soldier-politicians think is going to pick up the tab here ?

Commerce and manufacturing has been driven into the ground, with Vince Cable's Business, Innovation and skills still dreaming up new regulations to keep them selves in jobs. This morning I hear that Mandelson whilst head of the monolith BIS was proposing that schools and universities be twinned with their counter parts in Libya. So rather that British industry pick up the tab for social projects like education the plan was to outsource education to oil rich cash rich dictators in North Africa, who are currently murdering their own people. Sir Howard Davies has paid the price for another of Mandelson's tainted plans when it was revealed that the LSE had accepted £300 000 from the Al Ghadaffi clan.

While peaceful British industry takes a back seat in national life, and the Banks,Politicians and Military come to the fore, we are in for a time of increased regulation and authoritarian government. The banks, political elite and armed forces all have hierachical models, with one supreme leader at the top of each. Not elected, you get to the top in these organisations by climbing the greasy pole and chopping down your rivals.

Welcome to Mandelson's new post-democratic age !

Is this all gloomy has the Fabian Imperium swept all before it ?

Well no, resistance is not useless.

Banks,the State and the military are all human organisations and they are not filled with automata wedded to the corporate cause, that is why Cameron is going to fail if he has Heath style corporatism as his guiding principle for foreign policy.  What is good for BP is not always for GB in the long run.

If you read ARRSE you will see that the armed forces were becoming very politicised under Brown after the multiple failures over ammunition, equipment and helicopters. Don't forget that we have had the Navy go on strike before in 1931 at Invergordon. The MOD should rember this when dishing out redundancy notices to troops on the front line. They are literally playing with fire.

As sure as Empires and dictatorships always eventually die, so do Corporations fail in trying to run our lives, because we will resist in small ways on a daily basis.

In his farewell address Eisenhower warned America about the growth of the Military-Industrial complex in the 1950's. A Corporate State is fascism. It suppresses the will of the people to the will of the few.

When the fear of the State is removed you have change, not politicians change, real change, and uncertain change, revolutionary change. Whinging changes nothing. Activism changes everything.

....governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whatever form of government becomes destructive of these ends; it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.


It is your duty to resist.

Libertarian Party

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