Sunday, 27 March 2011

the Meek shall inherit the Earth

lunch at the Castle before popping off to Fortnums

Yesterday saw hundreds arrested for their actions. Trespass, violence, intimidation. Today they are being released slowly back into whatever circles they mingled in before deciding to become volunteer tax collectors for the all powerful state.

None has done more for the movement than Adam Ramsay , a brave new socialist determined that those who have been successful in business, taking risks with their OWN capital MUST support those who have not by handing over said capital to the feckless. Or else.

Tonight, he is free from jail, after being arrested in Fortnums and Masons. Where will he return to to chew the cud with the great oppressed? A squat in Islington? A council flat in Tower Hamlets? Maybe a doorway with the homeless?

It won't be for long, I assure you. He is going to inherit Banff House and Estate (1300 acres) in Perthshire, ancestral home of the Ramseys of Banff (since 1232). As the website prefers to call it a small castle, I'm sure Fortnum and Masons has not seen the last of Adam Ramsey of the Banff Estate

I'm off to see if his ancestral home has ever claimed any EU subsidies from the taxpayer. Up the workers, bruvver.

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