Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Knock at the Door

Make your "census compliance officer" (yes, really) fill this out in the off chance one makes it to your door.

...You have called here this day __/__/____, at my/our private residence, uninvited, in order to discuss a matter that you allege concerns me/us. Please Note; Non invitation to this property surmounts to trespass.

I/we need to establish lawful grounds for any discussion in order to provide me/us with the necessary lawful protection before disclosing any details to you with regard to any natural private person you believe to reside at this private residence that you allege your business here today concerns.

Please complete and return this brief lawful questionnaire, a copy of which will be provided for your records.

If you cannot provide all the information required below, I/we will take the understanding that you are not who you say you are, and I/we will lawfully decline to speak with you on this occasion while reserving all of my/our unalienable rights not to be bound by any alleged contracts revealed or unrevealed.

Please take note; if you refuse to provide all of the information required below, it may result in your visit being reported to the relevant authorities in accordance with The Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and The Administration of Justice Act 1970.

1. Your Full Name:____________________________________

2. Are you here representing yourself or a company:_________________________________

3. If You Are Here On Behalf Of A Company, What Is The Name Of The Company You Represent:


4. What Is Your Address and The address Of The Company You Represent. (include phone numbers)

Your Address: ___________________________________________________

Your Telephone Number:_________________________________________

The Address of The Company You Represent:_____________________

Telephone Of The Company You Represent:________________________

5. Registration Number Of Your Vehicle: ________________________

6. Your Job Title In The Company: ______________________

7. Name Of The Person You Report To, Your Superior (i.e. line manager):


8. Contact number of person you report to , your superior (i.e. line manager):


9. Name of Person, or other, you wish to speak with here today:___________________________

10. Brief Outline Of The Nature Of Your visit:___________________________________


11. Do You Have Proof That I/we Gave You Authority Over Me/Us?
Yes / No (Delete As Appropriate)

(If yes, please provide sight of original documented proof of said contract as to your lawful authority claimed over me/us, as given by me/us.)

You will need to provide sight of a valid original signed contract between you and me/us should you wish to discuss any matter pertaining to alleged Licenses, Debts, Fees, Charges, or any matter concerning a 3rd party that you claim to represent in relation to my/our private commercial affairs;

Your signature: ________________________ Print Name:________________________
Date Of Signing: _______________________

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