Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The International Mafia

I will repeat myself. As long as you keep paying taxes, the State will continue to spend them. I've had a brisk look through the truly depressing list of despots that can count on £14.7 Billion of taxpayers money, taken under threat of violence.

Mugabe to receive £353M, Pakistan to receive £1.4 Billion, India's Space Program (even they tried to refuse the aid) £1.1 Billion. Somalia, which doesn't even HAVE a government is to receive £250 Million, whilst those trustworthy fellows we meet everyday in our junk mail folders, the Nigerians, wallowing in $100 a barrel oil and diamond encrusted Learjets are to receive £1 Billion

I am not a mean, miserable man. I want nothing more than Africans to throw off their tribal ignorance and be free. I want nothing more than Muslims to enjoy a reformation and stop wiping their arses with stones (that then get thrown at gays or women) but as we have learned with the Welsh, the more you give, the more is taken.

Of course, the real deal is that by forcing UK taxpayers to hand over vast sums of hard earned cash, the Corporations will no longer have to pay bribes for Zambia to install an up to date anti aircraft missile system from BAE to tyrannise the neighbouring tribe with. Access to lucrative drilling rights will no longer have to be funded by BP shareholders but by those on minimum wage, slaving 60 hours a week, stacking shelves in Asdas.

We are a bankrupt country and deserve the leaders we have. Utterly, morally, financially bankrupt. Shame on us.

The only answer is to stop feeding the beast. Now.

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