Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Internal Exile

Remember the bad old days when horror stories would be leaked to us from the evil Soviet Empire of citizens who were not allowed to travel without papers, exiled to remote places, denied the freedom to travel...we all shook in our beds and built more bombs to stop something like that EVER happening in OUR country.

Simon Frodsham made his 44th appearance in court on Monday. For simply standing in the street of his own town. He has spent 8 years in prison, for defying an order that says he may not stand in the street of his own town. He has cost the taxpayer over £2M in various attempts to stop him standing in the street of his own town.

His crime is that he sleeps in church doorways and steals sandwiches. Both of which I believe could be dealt with under existing legislation. But no, far simpler for the all powerful state to impose an internal exile order (ASBO) upon him, denying him the freedom to move about unhindered in his own town. No Jury was used. He was simply told he may not stand in the street and if he does, they will put him in prison. And they did. For a total of 8 years so far.

For reference, Nobel prize winner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn also spent 8 years in Soviet prisons for simply not doing as he was told by the State. Coupled with the UK secret courts revealed by Anna Raccoon this week, it makes you wonder who really won the cold war

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