Sunday, 27 March 2011

A Grand Day Out

Yesterdays TUC March provided something for everyone. It gave me and Olly C a chance to to head into London and meet up with Lawful Rebellion and the Love Police who were objecting to the Census, it gave the TUC a chance to head up a "It's a knock out" style competition over which union had the most members or colourful displays. It gave the Socialist workers an opportunity to try and sell newspapers and it gave #Ukuncut yet another excuse to sit down in other peoples property and demand they pay more taxes to the Government. they hate The Police got plenty of overtime, the faux anarchists had their day out smashing stuff up (not much of it belonging to their number 1 enemy, the State) and the press got their pics and story.

I'll say one thing. The TUC pulled BIG numbers. That WAS a crowd yesterday. I have no idea if it was 400,000 or less, but it was big. Certainly, they are the type of people who expect to be fed by politicians promises, and most were simply there not to protect the rights of others, democracy, freedom. No, they were their to make sure their slice of the pie they have greedily gorged from over the past 13 years remains intact. Wave after wave of diversity coordinators headed from the Embankment, proudly waving their "hands OFF MY pension" banners. People who claim disability allowance instead of working managed to briskly trot the few miles to listen to Ed Miliband declare himself the new Nelson Mandela. Unemployed scousers headed in from Euston to demand more "funding" (yet never managed to get to London to find a job) and of course, the evil tories were all to blame.

But what of this alternative? We are woefully in debt, money has no real value, we produce nothing, are owned by banks and the vested interests of those who fund our political parties, our laws are made by unelected foreigners and we employ millions at the cost of those on minimum wage just to support "the consumer price index" and put enough money in the system that nail salons opened by people with a grant to get them off the dole can paint the nails of those ON the dole.

I wish the Public Sector well. The fat, talentless, grey zombies I saw shuffling through London yesterday are not interested in anything but their own vested financial interests. Solidarity bruvvers? Well, only for the likes of you and me to pay their wages and mortgages whilst they dictate how we must live from their council empires .

Sorry, guys, you had your cake, you ate it all and now it's time to pay the bill. Don't even THINK about handing it on to my kids. The Party is over, time for the hangover to kick in.

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