Thursday, 24 March 2011

Cutting Edge

Those that read this blog will know that I stand for the freedom of the individual over the State. The last 100 years have seen huge swathes of responsibility taken from the citizen and passed to faceless bureaucrats to control, whilst the money to fund it all has been extracted under threat of violence by the State.

In return, the state has offered the feckless, lazy and talentless "jobs and security" in the way of non jobs, paper pushing, climate change defending, non smoking, health and safety, diversity, lesbian vegan morons in their thousands. Protected. Safe. Secure in the knowledge they will never have to do anything other than vote for the party of Statism to protect their right for others to pay their bills.

Saturday will see a march by welfare addicted no hopers to complain that their "funding" (your money) might be cut off and they might have to stand on their own two feet (in"comfortable" shoes, mostly) for once. This I HAVE to see.

If you want to join me spectate as they troop past, demanding their right to open and extract whatever they please from YOUR wallet, do feel free to join me:

Assemble Victoria Embankment, 26th March, 11am to march to a rally in Hyde Park
You know you want to. Then it's down the pub, to drink and smoke and eat animals. Using what little of YOUR money you have left over after the wages of State Diversity Coordinators have been paid

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