Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Controlling the Media

I notice that ITV has taken offence on behalf of "others" that some shite TV programme based in a fictitious English village contains no Eskimos or Amazonian tribes with plates in their lips.

One of the reasons I refuse to watch TV. Utterly ridiculous that my brain and my own eyes are not to be trusted by the "authoroties" to make their own decisions, instead, a rural English village must be the mirror image of the Fabians dream of Eastenders, chock full of one legged Lesbian Muslims with ADHD and Aids. To reflect "society"

Tickets for Olympics went on sale today. I intend to kick up an ALMIGHTY fuss when the 100m men's final is full of straight black men, not in wheelchairs. What on EARTH are they thinking, the bastards? Heads, like wheelchairs, must roll.

(apologies for lack of blogging. I'm making serious money so I can fuck off from this shithole asap)

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