Saturday, 19 March 2011

Bumper Harvest, Tractor Production UP

Today, Pravda announces a record haul of pennies from the glorious citizens as hundreds of desperate State media employees spent 7 hours "entertaining" their careers in aid of "charity".

I have never given a penny to Red Nose Day and never will. The sight of those who the BBC has promoted to "spread the agenda" flying to Africa (1st class) to instruct a remote tribe with bones through their noses on the correct use of the blue, silver, green and brown recycling bins found in Tower Hamlets or lecturing an Innuit on the joys of Wind Farms frankly sickens me.

If you have the stomach, you too can find out where all that money is spent by simply looking at the Red Nose Grants audit site. My favourite was handing out free carbon monoxide detectors to gypsys. Really

Suffice to say, anyone forcing me to donate to Comic Relief WILL end up with a Red Nose

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