Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Not for everyone

but certainly for some. I tweeted this a few months ago and it is still as relevant as ever. In a free society, you do not need to ask permission to house yourself. You build a house. All that is required is that you can defend it and it does not adversely affect the lives of others. 150 years ago it was all the rage in America and millions took up the challenge to "go west". This house does exactly that on another brutal and unforgiving landscape. The UK State.

Built on arable land, without permission, and it shows that you can be free if you have the courage to be free. It took the builder 4 months, a chainsaw, a hammer, £3000 and some hard work.

"Oh look, a stone age hippy" I hear. From the very same people who happily pay £2000 a week to stay at Centreparks. "A hobbits cave", say those who will spend their entire lives in hock to a banker, the council and their desks to pay for it all whilst travelling underground to work every day. And what remains when they die from stress, the all powerful state will grab what little it didn't manage to grab whilst you were alive.

Low impact, almost no cost and the chance to actually live a life worth living instead of being the tiniest cog in a brutal system, grinding towards inevitable death. Of course, you may consider this a pitiful existence in the same way Abramovich sneers at you in your Barretts house on a Barretts estate from his super yacht. You may consider it hard work in the same way that you now work 12 hours a day, 300 days a year whilst peasants in the middle ages toiled for just 140 days a year and partied the rest.

And you have to ask yourself exactly where humanity is headed when we actually have to protect the last few remaining truly free people on the planet from us, the "civilised."

"What the fuck is that? A Government? Taxes? Laws? Permission? Huh?"

If you too, would like to educate yourself on how to live a simpler life, feel (truly) free to join us

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