Saturday, 19 February 2011

The monopoly of power

Today I read that the "State" of Libya has decided it will not tolerate Libyans doing anything other than what they are told to do by the State. 84 citizens lie dead

The "State" of Bahrain and the "State" of Yemen have decided to do likewise and turn the shiny weapons so eagerly supplied by the "State" of Britain on the flesh and blood of the people who live there. People are dying simply because they wish to live different lives than the one the State has decreed they will live.

The Arab revolts are not "Islam" inspired anymore than the Jarrow March was Quaker inspired. 21st century technology, satellite TV and the mobile phone have made millions in the middle east aware that there are alternative civilisations on the planet, where the leaders are not the mightiest tribe, the elders, the most armed. They have discovered that other peoples can talk, walk, work and live lives of their own choosing without blind obedience to the powers that be. Sure, Islam will attempt to fill any power vacuum that may exist, just as our religious leaders attempt to do on a regular basis, but a people now educated in the 21st Century are not going to install an Ayatollah who will dictate how many stones they may use to wipe their arses or chop their hands off if they look at a pretty girl on the Al Internet.

And when the dust settles, as eventually it will, we will see the same curve of civilisation that we went through on the road to freedom - hopefully without the pointless wars of Empire or religion so beloved by our forefathers (or rather those who ruled over them). We will see commerce, wealth, art - things that make western civilisation the standard. We will see human rights where there were none. We will see equality where there was none. And we will see freedoms where there were none.

All we have to do is nothing. Stop selling "states" the weapons they need to bully, torture and murder their citizens. Stop trading with the elites who treat their populace as a slave army. Stop supporting regimes that are friends of our friends. Stop bloody interfering in the politics of others unless they are a direct threat to OUR citizens.

So long as the Arabs fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people - greedy, barbarous, and cruel, as you are.
And if our "state" allows it, the Arabs will be free at last

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