Saturday, 5 February 2011

Live and let live

Today, Dish Face will tell an eager press that "Britain" (he means you and me) must rejoice in being "British" (he means being like him). It will be lapped up by right wingers and nationalists as a way to ensure conformity, if necessary by force.

What he will not say is "do as you please, as long as it does not adversely affect the lives of others", the Libertarians motto. He will insist it is for the good of the "State" that he inflicts a thinly veiled attack on Islam. He will insist that the "British" have values that all must adhere to (whilst roundly ignoring the very same values as he bombs wedding parties in far off lands). He will insist that all are welcome (whilst quietly cancelling the 30 year direct debit that supported an authoritarian regime in Egypt) as long as they aspire to be "British". He will give succour to the thousands of EDF marching in Luton against "the Islamification of Britain" whilst continuing to fund Somali pirates.

I am not a Nationalist. I do not celebrate my "Britishness" whilst adoring roast beef, fine ales and my stiff upper lip any more than I celebrate my "Britishness" when drinking Margaux, feasting on Lamb Madras or listening to heavy dub with a joint.

In his attempt to stamp "conformity" on the tiny percentage of radical Muslims in this country, he will alienate huge swathes of the public that do not wish to watch cricket on a Sunday afternoon or prefer to grow dreadlocks and smoke weed. The harmless pastimes of those who choose their own lifestyles will be crushed and derided as "un-British".

In your rush to appease the masses, Mr Cameron, you will simply repeat what many others have attempted and failed to do- State controlled behaviour.

If you want to deradicalise Muslims, stop bombing their children. Stop supporting brutal regimes. Stop bribing your "friends" in the Middle East with weapons deals, stop stamping your "influence" on all you can see to aid the vested interests of those who fund your politics. In short, leave us alone.

If how others live does not adversely affect my life, I am happy for them to live their lives how they wish. If they wish to eat halal and pray 5 times a day, it is no business of mine and certainly no business of your all powerful State to insist they shouldn't.

My version of "Britishness" doesn't need State protection. It needs protection FROM the State

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