Sunday, 6 February 2011

Freeman on the Land update

For those who have been following my progress as a "Freeman on the Land", there has been a significant event in legal history.

To recap, Freemen on the Land refuse to live under statute law. We do not consent to be "governed" (as is our right) and therefore the endless laws pumped out by the 650 morons in Parliament are what they truly claim to be, "Acts". They do not apply to me

When you are born, the State issues you a birth certificate for a reason. It assumes you belong to it and can therefore sell the taxes it knows it will extract from you by force over your lifetime (they are called Government bonds).

You however are NOT your name. You are simply a human being, made of flesh and blood, your labour belongs to you and you can call yourself what you wish. Your name, in effect, becomes a mechanism whereby the Govt can tax you, monitor you and measure you. Your name belongs to THEM, not you. So Freemen reject their name. I am Old of the Holborn family, whereby the Govt insists on sending tax demands to Mr Old Holborn. Mr Old Holborn does not exist other than on a state issued piece of paper, for the purposes of taxation. Following at the back? Good.

So if Mr Old Holborn refuses to pay his council tax, the council can only pursue a piece of paper for payment, NOT Old of the Holborn family. And it's just been proved in court.

Captain Ranty has the details

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