Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Burst the bubble

Oh, they're screaming again. The average age of a 1st time buyer is now 37 years old and the Government is sticking its big bastard nose into the economy again in an effort to manipulate the housing market. "Give money to 1st time buyers" says Grant Shapps, minister for keeping voters happy as he tries to tell banks to cough up.

No. You have the right to own a property. You do not have the right to buy a cheap property. If property is too expensive for you to buy, move to where it isn't (one of the reasons I don't live in Mayfair). Do not expect the taxpayer to subsidise your property aspirations. Rent. Work hard. Save. Buy a house you can afford.

And Minister, once again, get out of the economy. Get out of the planning process, get out of the financial sector and let people house themselves. Now.

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