Tuesday, 25 January 2011

To the abbatoir

The State Minister of All Money inspects self assessment tax returns, yesterday

I notice the more standard Political blogs are making a huge fuss this morning of the ONS figures that show that the "economy" shrank by 0.5% last month "due to bad weather"

From my perspective, I have no interest in what the "State" economy is doing. I appreciate that to the Government, it is vital. A "growing" economy means more tax revenue as the citizens it forces to cough up their hard earned money will have more of the stuff, whilst "shrinking economy" means it will have to use more violence against the citizens to obtain the same level of funding it so desperately craves.

I am only interested in MY economy. The economy I can control. If my times are hard, I will simply spend less, consume less, grow more of my own food, make do and chop a few more logs for the fire. If the Government however decides it can no afford an army of diversity coordinators to administer Muslim outreach programs on the Isle of Skye, it will simply force us to pay more taxes until it can. In this way, a shrinking economy is good for the citizen, bad for the State. Do you really care that State tractor production is down 0.5%?

Remember the golden rule. The State is the shepherd. All he wants is the biggest flock of obedient sheep he can manage (with the help of his sheepdogs) raised to the fattest weight at the lowest cost he can achieve.

Ignore what the State dictates is important and concentrate on what is important in your life. The State is not your friend, it is your master. It's goal is to take us all to the abattoir for the best price.

Go free range. Or continue to be farmed. Simple as that.

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