Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Tidy your bloody room

Today will see hundreds of thousands of otherwise unemployable "students" demanding that they continue to receive pocket money of up top £30 a week for simply hauling their spotty arses out of their wanking pits and heading off to the youth club that is today's six form.

Today will also see scores of Labour politicians pontificating that withdrawing free funding for hair dye, iTunes downloads, mobile phone credit, Man Utd tops and Bacardi Breezers is some how unfair on the little darlings.

The reason most kids go to six form is because their GCSE results are fucking worthless, thanks to Fabian "educationalists" handing them out to all and sundry and without A levels they will be sitting on the sofa on the dole, dying their hair, downloading iTunes, chatting on their mobiles, dressed in Man Utd tops drinking Bacardi Breezers for the rest of their miserable lives on £65 a week.

Education is free. Get some and shut up moaning. Your turn to be fleeced by the Tax man will come soon enough. If you don't like them apples, go and wash some cars, deliver some junk mail, babysit a screaming spoilt brat or get a Saturday job. Just get your hands out of my pockets. Come back and talk to me when you have 5 A* A levels, not two pieces of embossed paper proving you turned up to lessons occasionally

Ask any parent. Don't give kids money for nothing. It ruins them and gives them an over inflated sense of entitlement and the expectation that someone else will mop up the mess. Kids, stop treating the place like a bloody hotel and get a part time job. Every other human that lived on the planet did, you ain't THAT special.

Skip Licker nails it

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