Monday, 31 January 2011

Tally me banana

You may keep one for yourself. Now get back to work

The state, ever greedy is about to throw another 750,000 people tax bills of 40% of their income, whilst little-publicised tax credit cuts will push the marginal rates of 175,000 working parents up above 70%. In theory, effective tax rates in Middle Britain could reach 83%, the rate that Labour levied on Britain's top earners before 1979.

Think about that for a moment. 83% of your labour will go straight to the state. Resist and your door will be kicked in and you will be dragged off to prison. Just 17% of what you earn is yours. The rest belongs, by default, to the plantation owner.

Meanwhile, the idiot volunteer tax collectors of the left (#ukuncut) are finding out the hard way that the Plantation owner has no love for them either.

Stop being farmed. Stop being slaves. You nor your labour belong to anyone but you, to do with as you wish. Learn to say NO.

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