Saturday, 22 January 2011

The Politburo rewards the servants of the Glorious State

Hear them scream, hear them wail. As the diktat from above echoes through the Town Halls up and down the land that the glory days of full Socialist employment with the Council and jobs for life for loyal apparatchiks is over, watch them plunder the coffers

Private health insurance, mortgage subsidies, living allowances, and large redundancy payments are the new Soviet order of the day. A desperate grab on what remains before the allied forces arrive and put a stop to the little Soviet Empires built on taxes extracted from the turnip picking masses by force.

The party Faithful are rewarded with Datchas, limousines and cash in return for their loyal services to Diversity Coordination, LGBT Outreaching and Community Enforcement.

The full story of the fall of the British Socialism and the greedy plundering of the vaults can be found HERE

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