Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Plus ça change

"quick love, before Old Holborn spots us. Shit"

I was having a little dig around in the 2010 Autumn register of members interests this afternoon (as you do) to try and work out how many of our Glorious 650 either work for a bank or received donations from bankers when I stumbled upon this little gem.

Unusual for an an MP to have three members of his direct family employed courtesy of the public purse (and also banned under the rules) so I thought I'd better double check at his website

Well, he's now admitting to only hiring his wife and one daughter but still against the rules. Then my beady evil little eye caught this.

Transferring money from the staffing budget to pay for furniture? In 2007, he claimed £85,795 to pay his family and yet despite spending £28,117 on "furniture" from his office running costs decided to "raid" another allowance.

For reference, allowances are what one MAY claim against receipts. They are not allocated budgets, taxpayer funded pots to be dipped into at will.

In fact, our good friend and all round greedy Jockanese thug Jim Devine is due in court after pleading not guilty (yet confessing in full on TV) to doing exactly the same said thing.

Can't wait to see the receipt he claimed against his staffing budget for "furniture". Are his staff really that wooden? I'll be asking Ipsa in the morning.

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