Friday, 7 January 2011

Next in the dock...

Today was a great day. I harassed Chaytor in person when he first went to court. I harassed him when he made his initial "I'm too important to be tried with the little people" plea at Southwark Crown Court and when I find out where he will be playing his PS2, I intend to harass him again.

Next up is Jim Devine. A Jockanese thug from the Scottish Labour Mafia, who has pleaded not guilty after making the confession of the decade, live on channel four. If he thinks he'll get off with 18 months, he's wrong. For your viewing pleasure, I give you....

On a separate note, those who subscribe to my googlegroups have been under attack from a spammer, who has now been barred. My apologies to all concerned, problem solved.

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