Thursday, 20 January 2011

Neighbourhood Watch

When I lived in Germany during the 90's, I never ceased to be fascinated by the tales of newly arrived "Ossies", East Germans who were born, bred and educated under Soviet Communism.

As they flooded out of their homeland to an uncertain future, they brought with them shocking tales of curtain twitching, refused University places, denied access to a car or travel, a forced career in packing toilet rolls in a factory all on the tittle tattle of a neighbour, desperate to climb the greasy Party Pole and to ingratiate themselves with officials who would look favourably on loyal citizens who would willingly shop their lifelong friends for a bite of the Marxist cherry.

If you kept your nose clean, didn't listen to Western Music, subscribed to the Party newspaper, waved a red flag when required, the most you could hope for was that the all powerful State might leave you in peace to harvest turnips. Alas, for most, that was never going to happen. All the citizens of East Germany were the rightful property of the State to do with as it pleased. House arrest, internal exile, detention without trial or evidence and the constant presence of an army of paid and unpaid watchers to make sure you towed the Party line.

It comes as no surprise to see that during 13 years of authoritarian Socialist rule in the UK, many of the tell signs of Soveitism were adopted. House arrest, detention without trial, curfews, internal exile, tagging, ASBOs, ID cards, CCTV, ANPR were all greedily snapped up by Labour in an attempt to keep on eye on the number 1 enemy of any repressive State. The very citizens of the State. Trust no one, everyone is the enemy.

Ten per cent of the East Germany population willingly signed up to be voluntary informants on their fellow citizens. The hated Stasi infiltrated every nook and cranny of daily life. Anyone not in a uniform was threat to the State. Anyone who might have freedom of thought was a suspect.

And now we discover that on top of all the abuse of civil liberties under the banner of Labour, we see that the Police developed their own Stasi right here. Undercover agents marrying "suspects" and raising families with them, all in the name of "surveillance". All in the name of protecting the State.

This is not hyperbole. Our Police force, along with our political system is out of control. No longer fit for purpose, redundant. It kills, murders, imprisons, spies and tortures with impunity. It answers to no one.

And people wonder why I want NOTHING to do with the State and it's grasping, probing, ever intrusive tentacles?

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